There are times in life where you are placed in position to learn. But, it has a price.

I had been in Maryland for 10 years and I had been an Associate Pastor and Ordained as a Bishop in the Church of God. I had just gotten married and I truly felt it was time to resume planting churches and move on.

God arranged for me to transfer to Hawaii. When I arrived I met with the overseer and told him what God had showed me. He Recommended that I go meet with the Hawaii Ministry to the Military Overseer. I clicked, he asked me to join the ministry as Youth Pastor and I accepted. We knew that eventually God would open the door for us to start a ministry but then in December 2013 a bombshell! Bishop had to transfer to the mainland and asked if I wanted to take the church over! I jumped at it thinking this was answered prayer. I would be put as the Hawaii MTTM Administrative Bishop also.


Here is the installation ceremony where we were placed in the Leadership for Hawaii.

Julie and I worked our tails off, I received a vision for the ministry! I contacted all the pastors and the state officials, I called MTTM and collaborated. For three months we worked countless hours and phone calls but we were ready! Or so I thought!

June was going to be the start month, we had over 100 committed to help. We had the base chapel and praise teams. Then out of the blue I get an email shutting it all down! For some unknown reason the plug was pulled on the work that had been going on for years. I was told they did not want a center and never explained why. We were crushed! I did not want ANYTHING to do with church or the CoG or the MTTM after that for along time. I wanted to reach out and let them know the pain but God told me to stop and wait.

I took the ministry God had trusted me with and for the second time under MTTM I merged it with another. Thank God for the small church in Hawaii that had the same heart and burden that I did. We ended up transferring a couple of years later back to the mainland.

I started Plant Ministries after this. It is a next step ministry for me. I am moving to Texas in July, I know that God has something for us. I am more mature now that a couple of years ago. I have learned to forgive and forget and move on. I have had a lot of pain in the ministry, more than my share.  I had been hurt by people who I considered Spiritual Father to me and it is VERY hard to get over. Please let me share I now hold no hard feelings. They must have felt that God had them do it. I only have issues with the unfeeling manner it happened. I gave everything and to have it ripped away and given to another minister was wrong and not Christian. It was great business but I thought I was in ministry. I love them still but I admit it is very tough for me to get over this one but I am trying. The hurt affected my ability to trust and commit to other opportunities.

I had been on staff of a ministry in MD that failed hard. The Pastor resigned and was removed from the denomination. I thought I would never be able to get passed that. God showed me that I HAVE to forgive and more importantly FORGET!  I have had the opportunity to do this and it has changed my ministry. I have had the chance to minister with friends who was in the same situation as me. They have helped me heal and grow and I thank them so much! Pastor David and Tracy Whittington are true representation of Christ! I was able to look my old pastor in the eye and get closure. Since then God has opened my spiritual eyes and ears, I am hearing stuff in the Spirit that is amazing and I am excited to share when God releases it. So the question is, is the gain  worth the Pain, YES! Stay with it and keep your eyes on God and don’t let the devil tell you to stop.

Till later..

Bishop Jackson and Dr. Julie Plant

Plant Ministries