Big 50

Sitting here picking up a dinner order and I am having a hard time really get it to sink in. In two days I will pass a milestone, half a century. When I was born it was one month to the day the Beatles came to US. I have seen a lot, last of baby boomers. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. 4 months prior President JFK was killed, Vietnam was just starting and Cold War was going strong. I joined the Navy in 88 and saw the end of the Soviet Union the fall of the wall which I have a piece of by the way. This is a big one what will I see in the next 50 if The Lord does not call me before that? I can’t wait to find out. Live every day like it’s your last and be ready if that is the case. Till next time.



Slippery slope

While pondering what I am speaking about on Fathers Day I started looking around at the world. The Church is content with allowing sin to be with them.
The Boy Scouts, an institution I respected and was part of made a deal with the devil they committed suicide to appease the pc police who decides who can exist or not depending if their inclusive. The Boy Scouts were supported by churches, the Eagle Scout held their ceremonies in the church. Now what will they do? Rely on the pc group to help, they won’t they only wanted to destroy them. Why? Because they were mom and pop Norman Rockwell AMERICA and if they can’t be accepted and have it then NO BODY will!
People we are sliding quickly down a slope, next will be adult leaders, the National Men and Boys love association has been wanting this for years. Put these sick predators with your boys told its ok to experiment then what? What happens when it’s what the leaders want? Who will stop it then? The scouts build leaders from within, the gay scouts grow up then how can you stop them from being masters? It’s a matter of time.
Jesus is the hope, he can take away that sick desire. I have many gay friends and none have this desire so it’s true not all do but when groups brag we need to be vigilant and not paint all with big brush strokes and love them not the sin.
We are on a slope that started in the 1950s with prayer in school, then taking God out of government, then accepting alternative lifestyle next put them in control of the children to replace God. America we need fathers! America we need Father God!
One day soon God will say its time and Death will die and sin will die, till then Maranatha come quickly God!

Bishop Jackson Plant