The war on Christians

This week a new cause celebrity, a pro athlete decided it was his time so he came out as the first openly homosexual athlete. The media, the president called him. But a sports reporter on ESPN was making a very saliant point and he was pounced upon!
ESPN has offered a tepid apology in response to NBA reporter Chris Broussard’s on-air comments calling homosexuality a sin in response to Jason Collins’ coming out. Now really what did Jason do? He selfishly decided to call attention to himself? A team works together not a bunch of individuals! Chris was stating HIS opinion that’s all. You would think he advocated mass murder from the uber liberal left! Has anyone noticed that the left celebrate freedom of expression if it is what the cause of the day is or if it agrees with them. If you don’t like this blog for instance, they will call for your firing and even your death, wow such caring loving people.
There is a war on Christianity in this country and it’s amazing to me, we won’t defend ourselves? In the Pentagon, Michael L. Weinstein hates Christians especially in the military.
Mikey once said of his own agenda: “We are at war with a sub-set of evangelical Christianity…how many? Roughly 12.6% of the American public or 38 million people.” Wow! But wait there’s more,
Weinstein has screeched that sharing the gospel “is sedition and treason. It should be punished.” Mullah Omar himself could not more effectively impose Obama’s conception of “religious tolerance.” And he claims to be christian? Weinstein also supports Lt. Col. Jack Rich, the Army officer who wrote to subordinate officers that soldiers who hold traditional Christian beliefs agreeing with organizations on SPLC’s “hate group” list are incompatible with “Army values” and should be carefully watched and excluded from military service.
Now we’re told we can’t witness:

President Mikey Weinstein and others from his organization met privately with Pentagon officials on April 23. He said U.S. troops who proselytize are guilty of sedition and treason and should be punished – by the hundreds if necessary – to stave off what he called a “tidal wave of fundamentalists.”
“Someone needs to be punished for this,” Weinstein told Fox News. “Until the Air Force or Army or Navy or Marine Corps punishes a member of the military for unconstitutional religious proselytizing and oppression, we will never have the ability to stop this horrible, horrendous, dehumanizing behavior.
Why is this happening? Because chaplains listen to God not man! They refuse to marry same sex couples. We’re branded as haters by the cowards who
Only want what they want, sorry but Gods word comes first!

Friends get ready it’s getting worse, as the time gets shorter satan will turn up the attack. Lets pray for these people like Mickey to get saved like Paul for these days. Decide who you will serve, God or man!
God bless
Bishop Jackson Plant