What is the mark of the beast and is it here?

Mark of the beast will be the dividing line between Gods and the devils people!
Is the mark here and are we taking it now?

The church is taught about this it is one of the first things people hear. Here are some things it’s not,
1. Having a license number of 666.
2. Paying a bill of 6.66
3. Not getting a implant for services or tracking.

It is to be,

A willfully taken, clear headed decision taken where if you refuse it you will die!
Not a cheesy joke of a chip. The church is scarred there running around like chicken little convinced the sky is falling, obamacare is forcing us to take mark, children being forced to be tracked. Obviously not the mark! No where is it mentioned if you refuse you will be beheaded!
We must be ready for this technology will be used by the enemy soon but know the signs. Let’s be prepared so we’re not taken by surprise.
We are not of fear but God, so that none will perish!

Bishop J. Plant