Letter to Rick Joiner
This is a letter I wrote to Rick Joiner, I heard that Todd Bentley was leading a Healing service at Morning star and it worries me for many reasons, I supported him before his fall last year and I am praying for his recovery:

Dear Pastor Joiner,

I am writing because I am disturbed at the idea of Todd Bentley being allowed to host a Healing School at Morning Star.
While I believe that Todd is called by God for ministry, I feel due to moral failures he is not in a position to be in active ministry for Christ until he has been healed and restored. I see on the site that it is mentioned he is under restoration, yet he is being allowed to impart and pray for people. I am assuming you are allowing him to lay hands on the people. How can he cast out what he is afflicted with?

I am not second guessing what you are doing with his care I feel this is moving way to fast. He lied to the body of Christ, he committed adultery and then remarried, he has given a huge black eye to the body of Christ and I ask you seriously, is he ready to go back out and not fall again? He and you are under tremendous scrutiny for this situation and I really want him to be restored and used by Jesus but until he can be trusted again and he is restored fully should he be released to minister again? How many will fall next time? I really respect your ministry, your teachings have a tremendous impact in my life and I want to protect it also. As I said I am not being critical just concerned. Thank you for your time.
In Jesus