All this fighting about homosexuals and Phil Robertson and I just read something that my views and Gods views don’t matter because lives are now at stake, news flash!!!Lives have always been at stake but were told we can’t judge them! For Christians who don’t believe we are to warn people the choices they make will cost their eternal soul I submit what proof if Christ is there that you are content to allow people to blindly walk toward hell! How can you call me Lord and not do what I have taught?
This situation with Phil brought to light they did not know this is in the bible! The gay community acts like Phil made it up! This is because we don’t want to offend or make them feel uncomfortable! Shameful! If you love someone you tell them their messed up. So whether you like it or not Homosexuals will NOT enter the Kingdom of heaven! But neither will adulterers, liars, and all other sins unless you repent of them. There is only one unforgivable sin and this is not it so let’s show them love then give support to cast off the sin to truly repent. But above all share the bible how will they know unless they hear?
Blessings and Merry Christmas

Bishop Jackson and Dr. Julie Plant
Senior Pastors
Kingdom Time Ministry