Robin-Williams-robin-williams-23183014-2000-1330I remember watching tv when I was a kid, watching Happy Days when a strange character appeared as an alien. Mork from Ork, I thought this guy is strange! He was every ware, like on full speed. I liked it and then found out he was going to have his own show, Mork and Mindy. I discovered Robin Williams and he would impact my life for years. I always loved seeing him on tv or the movies. No matter what he was on he was crazy, he was the best at going on the fly. He made fun of everyone and everything. He made movies that were funny, scary, sober, off the top and thought provoking. An Oscar winner and 3 time nominee, he took the role and made it his.
It is so sad that the man who made the world laugh, could not find one when it mattered the most. Rest in peace Robin, I pray you knew Jesus because I would so like to meet you one day and laugh.

Bishop Jackson Plant