I love the quote grace is the key to overcome sin not an excuse to keep walking in it! People QUIT sugar coating the message! It is not pc to call sin sin, well as long as I live I will! If you are offended turn the channel! I can love someone while they are sinning but does not mean I accept it or APPROVED of it! So don’t try to use grace to justify your iniquity! Don’t stand in middle of road, you are either a follower of Jesus or yourself. Pick a side. None of the church fathers walked up to a person in sin and said oh your fine your a work in progress let’s not point out their sins they will be ok. No they called the sin out and healed them and cast out the demons! Used grace to overcome the world not changed for the world. People don’t forget Jesus said all these things plus greater works we will do! Satan is afraid of you and your prayers so quit making excuses! Love you