It’s been a great three years here in paradise. As I am getting ready to move back to the mainland I want to touch on the difference I’ve seen here over mainland.

  1. A different world:
    HAWAII has its own time, schedule, speech bra. I was amazed at how relaxed and laid back here. A job that takes a day might take three. If the waves are good well sick day lol.
  2. The roads and drivers. 
    Let’s say I long for the beltway lol. One drop of rain and its Indy 500! But don’t forget the 35 mph in the left lane!!!! Grrrr😖
  3. The houses:
    Single wall construction, no ac, roosters running around in the city. The cost, wow! I never thought I’d pay $600,000 for a house! And no ac! But the view!!!  


I will miss that in Texas! But now I get to head back to the land of grits and sweet tea😆.
Bishop Jackson Plant 

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