I am 53 years old, I grew up in the south. I have seen first hand racism and reverse racism. My record speaks for itself. I am anti racist of ANY color! I have dated black woman, Brown, Yellow, White and in one case a green one but that is another story. in fact I married a Asian woman! I have stood in opposition to discrimination. But what I am seeing on the web and hearing our President disrespected has to stop! I noticed many try to disrespect the President by not saying his name just 45. Or they openly accuse him of vile things that they KNOW is wrong. As a Christian we are to uphold our leaders, we are to pray for them in addition we are REQUIRED TO LOVE THEM! I heard from a female minister today who told me how much of a disgrace he is and how she prays for him to be removed. Funny, I remember being called racist for the same thing just a couple of years ago.

I know this is NOT what the Democrats wanted, but 8 years ago Obama was NOT what we wanted either. But we lived with it, when did we cause riots and attack police and burn towns down? We educated people we got the vote we beat Hillary! I regret I said things about Obama I should not have, I was disrespectful at times and I repented for it! I always stood up for him when people talked of removing him, of attacking his family! I realized what my brothers and sisters now can’t see, just because others did it does not make it right! For 8 years I watched my country that I love get torn inside out by this leader who had no experience or qualifications to be President. Sound familiar?  Did he do all good? no, did he do all bad? no. He was not the president I wanted, but he was the President of the United States of America, and he was the one that God wanted!

President Donald Trump is the President of the United States whether you like it or not! He is YOUR President! MINISTERS HE is OUR LEADER! You should not disrespect the leader of the nation, Don’t attack his family! Pray for him, I did and I pray for him now. He is not perfect, far from it! but he is doing the best he knows how and all you do it attack him and family! How would YOU like it if they did it to you?

Take a few days off of face book and get with God, see what He say to do. Read the bible what does it tell you to do? Please stop wishing for his death! Do what we were told, get over it and give him a chance to help this country!


Bishop Jackson Plant

Plant Ministries

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