I had been in the Navy for 13 years and was a CTR stationed in Yokosuka, Japan.  I had just returned from a Direct Support mission to East Timor peacekeeping operation on USS Essex. I was looking forward to a week off after a typhoon had locked the base down and I could not leave, the the storm moved out and I was going to go sight see in Tokyo. I had just settled down watching Armageddon and after the meteors hit New York I turned off and watched the Today show it was about 11 PM and they announced a story about a plane hitting the WTC. They said a small plane hit it so I assumed a cloudy day. They went live and saw the sun and no clouds so I thought how weird. After a few minutes they showed another plane hit and said it was live and not a replay and hit the other tower.  I ran room to room in the barracks waking everyone up to watch the tv. I called home and talked to my parents up till the first tower fell and lost phone. I was so angry, I could understand the pentagon, a genuine military target, but not WTC! This was a cowardly attack and I stayed up all night watching the coverage and knowing what was to come.

The next few days were tough we were locked down in the barracks and itching to go. My commander came by to update us and getting people orders, I asked to go to help and was told to sit and wait I would have opportunities later.  Needless to say I didn’t get my time off but I did get to go help take out terrorist in the PI which in the end was much more satisfying.

Now it is 16 years later, I am retired from the Navy and from the NSA. I have seen Bin Ladin taken out, I have seen other terrorist killed. I have lost friends and colleagues in this war. What has infuriated me the most is the idiots who claim 911 was a job the government did! We did NOT attack our own people, we did NOT explode the WTC or Pentagon! Take off your tinfoil and just give it up!.

Lets not forget what happened.

That is what I did on 911.