I look in the news lately and I am amazed at the states passing laws to kill children born alive! Even if you disagree with all the arguments about how life begins, it has always been once born they are humans! This is horrible and has to stop!

I say we have refused to lean now we must repeat it. In the 1850’s the United States was being torn apart by two sides against slavery. It literally ripped the country in half over it. 600,000 men died to end slavery. In 1973 the Supreme Court ruled the same bad ruling like Dread Scott did before civil war. Row v Wade is unconstitutional,and made it a right for killing children in the wood, “safe,legal,and RARE! Is the intent. Now it is legal to butcher children at will,with no permission from children. There is an undercurrent in the country where people have attacked and wounded and kill abortion providers. This will open to full civil war if something doesn’t happen soon. Millions of lives are at risk.

Lastly, let’s look at 1930’s Germany. Adolf Hitler came to power promised to solve Jewish problem. Now Democratic Party is coming to power promising socialist utopia where abortion on demand for so called reproductive rights. In doing so killed millions of babies but never after first trimester unless emergency. Now it’s legal to kill them for ANY reason after the child is born. This is another great solution by the modern day NAZI party! Recently, Congress was given chance to pass protection for born children and they refused..twice !

The Democratic Party refuses to learn from history and are forcing a civil war in the country. All for political gains. This is a spiritual basis all through history satan always killed the children to stop moves of God. How many doctors,scientists,soldiers,musicians have been butchered? Over 57,000,000 killed since 1973, the Holocaust was 5,000,000. Think about that.


Bishop Jackson Plant

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