I am still in shock at the news of Charlie Troglin passed away. Even though it has been over 30 years since we last saw each other it only seem like a day. We were in home room together and had all kinds of classes. It really hit me hard when I heard how he passed. He had Covid. I have had friends and aquaintences die of it but this was the first case of a close friend to die of it. He was 55 and we are nto supposed to have anything to worry about according to the news. I want to tell all my friends who are decieved into thinking this is not real and a hoax. Wear your MASK!!! I do but will do more now. If not to make sure I am around for my wife, but to make sure I dont get someone else sick and die. Do you want that on your concience? If you are a Christian, the Bible talks about not letting your liberty cause someone else to stumble, it is the Hight of arrogance to think because you might have a right not to be told to wear something, you dont. Your wear a seat belt same thing. Please please please take care of your brother and sister by keeping them safe. God bless.

Bishop Jackson Plant