A friend posted about the correlation of the Roman Empire and the USA. That got me thinking, on the similarity between what the Romans went thru and what we see now. Let’s look at what a history book might show years from now. (My analysis at trends and opinion).

1. The Roman Empire came from the Roman republic. Which was from overthrowing the Roman Kingdom. The Roman Empire had the Pax Romana 200 years of peace. This allowed the Empire to thrive, learning art all grew. The Roman Empire grew to a point where it grew lazy. Did not want to do their own work anymore and instead brought in people to do the menial jobs. They offered them citizenship for this. So by the time the Roman Empire had split in two parts of the east and west, majority of the military was new non Romans who were mercenaries who did not care about citizenship. So the groups who invaded the empire had no problems infiltrated the military with their own groups, which allowed them to invade and bring down the Western empire. During this there was something else at work. The piping systems that were made long ago were lead this led to generations of lead poisoning of the Romans. The Eastern part of the empire lasted longer till the Muslims defeated them with same situations as before related to home defense.

The United States of America was formed after the revolution from the Kingdom of Great Briton. The USA grew rapidly and became the greatest country in the history of the world. Like the Roman Empire they had slavery through out most of their history. Unlike them we fought a war to abolish it. The Civil war traumatized the country even to present times. The US grew from East to West taking over the whole content. Then we started outward. In the 20th century the US fought in 5 major wars including 2 world wars which we won. Because the US felt if not for their isolationist views WW2 might have ended earlier, so the US took upon itself to be the bulwark against Russia, China and other communism during the 50 year Cold War. In the early 21st century The US basically split in two factions Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans are for greater financial growth, stronger military for the country, understanding a static constitution that should not be changed. The Democrats are for social change. Pushing for open borders and smaller military.

The border became more and more open and the Democrat party didn’t stop it. This put the US in same position that Rome was in. We divided in very fundamental ways. We allowed very weak boarders and social ripping away at the very fabric of society. Fighting in the streets, burning building and attacking police and not obeying their instructions. Then the Democratic Party controlled the Presidency, House and Senate. They were able to add majority to Supreme Court allowing them to change the constitution and eventually bankrupted the USA,

There is nothing to make a guess on what will happen to this great experiment. However, considering nothing is alluded to in the Bible mentioning the USA in any form. We have Russia, China, Iran, all listed but we are not, they are our enemies and are on the rise now and we are declining. in the natural it looks bad, we need the country to come to God. I pray we do before its too late and we have vandals at the gates.