A mulligan with life

May is a big month for me. On the 24th back in 1988 I got on a plane and flew to Chicago and started boot camp. On the 26th in 2012, I married my best friend. On the 27th, a hot Friday in north Georgia back in 1983 I graduated from high school.

May has turned out to be a month of new beginnings.

At times in my life God has seen that its time to make a change. I almost forgot that on May 27, 1997 I first went to Brownsville Revival, saw what I was like, and God gave me a mulligan a do over in my walk that changed my life.

when your down and you think there’s nothing you can do, ask God for a mulligan. Imagine what you can do with one.

God bless.





The Lucifer Conundrum – update

“You said in your heart, “I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon”. Lucifer said this and is why he fell. Now we have a group of Americans who say they want one thing but really don’t.

For years homosexuals claimed they wanted civil unions and that would solve everything. It gives full rights but now it’s marriage they want, to be equal, problem is homosexual marriage thru church is forbidden. And I as a minister can not tollorate nor accept it.

Lucifer has infiltrated this age telling the homosexuals they should have full acceptance not equality and that won’t happen. But this is what happens when you mix church and state. Sodom and Gammorah was destroyed for allowing and accepting homosexuality to flourish.

For the record I understand and empathize the state sponsored civil unions for that is secular in nature and is their chosen lifestyle and in America that is their right to be with who they want, and not take away their rights because we don’t agree, you can’t legislate biblical morality! however biblical marriage is not a right! it is between man and woman instituted and sanctified by God.,

So what they have is civil unions which gives secular rights but not biblical acceptance. Their goal that they want is Biblical marriage thus full acceptance by God. And thus the conundrum.


Bishop Jackson Plant


Since I wrote this a lot has changed in the world. What once was unthinkable has now happened. The lgbt movement is steamrolling across the country. But not by popular support, it is judicial overreach that allows it. The days of representation by the people are over, replaced by representation by unelected! 

Civil disagreement is in the past also. Now if you dare to question this juggernaut’s qualification you will be crushed. After the new Macarthyism of the left has destroyed your name, having labeled you a bigot and a homophobe. This from Christiphobic cowards who won’t face you instead they peak over there smart phones to eat a hot pocket before unleashing another virulent onslaught on you. 

God is in control, even when his name is shunned and you get fired for praying to him or telling people however I get time off to go to ERG conferences and in a recent discussion the lgbt was called their friends so conversely were enemies. Come quickly Lord!

In Jesus

Bishop Jackson Plant

The President is playing games with my families life!

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more, said Henry V. Never so true as now. In a matter of weeks I will be forced into a furlough with over 800000 people. This does not have to happen. I have not had a pay raise in 4 years, well guess what costs keep going up. The President in his grandstanding fashion was going to order a 1/2 of 1 percent raise, but congress defeated it, yet they got one hmmm. Now we will be hit with a 22 week furlough, so for the next 22 weeks federal employees will have to take a unpaid day off, no salary no medical. A 20% pay cut which is really more like 30 taking into account the 4 years of pay freeze.
Federal workers are the same as you we pay car notes, mortgages, education. So a 20% cut is disaster. Also not tax revenues paid so the govt looses all that money, local no movies, no best buy etc.
This is theater, the leaders of two federal agency’s found enough to cut so no one had to be furloughed what did Panetta say nope we will still do it for the political pressure on congress!
I for one am livid about this and it really tests my walk, because he is messing with my life! Please remember this and hold the Democratic Party to task for this, and if Republicans went along we will hold them also.
Lets pray for something to happen in the country or it is going to fall!

God bless

Bishop Jackson Plant

Prepare for war

Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. Amazing how the bible told us this 4000 years ago.  America was a nations that was built on Christian values.  Oh how the founding fathers would look at us now.   In1962, a lady name Madaline Ohare objected to her son being forced to pray in school.  Now, we can not celebrate Christmas, or any Christian holiday or mention God in school.  We are loosing our rights and liberty.  It started with loosing prayer then the floodgates opened.  Abortion in 74, Gay rights, legalized drugs. And so the slippery slope were on.  This country that was the most powerfull and richest on Earth now is bankrupt and heading to a third world status.  Spain, France, England now us.  All had one thing in common, they forgot God.  Dont believe me go to Europe, their massive cathedrals are museums to a by gone time.  

Now we have children killed in school and what do the reporters do, they publish the gun owners names like were pedophiles!  What has happened?  We are bankrupt so what do we do?  Add 300 Billion more in debt? 

God told me last year a war is coming, a war for the soul of this country. Now I am hearing it from all different ministries and prophets. Lets look at the signs.  Our party that is in control is blatently anti Christian, with the planks of unlimited abortions and Homosexual Marriage.  A teenager can not get a asprin in school but can get a abortion with out telling their parents.  What has happened?

Thomas Jefferson is rolling in his grave over this!  We have gone from a nation that freed the slaves to one that makes the free into slaves.  Now they want to take away our protections, I will not let them take my guns.  I fought for my rights and yours and no one will come and ignore the 2nd amendment.  That is the first agenda item, the second is to declare Christians as a hate group, watch and see.  Persecutions are coming soon.  Pray for the upcoming conflict, we will be the enemy because we will not fall over and fight the status quo.  I pray for the leaders to change their hearts before its too late.  I will not back down from the enemy because we must remember, our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the devil and spiritual enemies.  God bless you.

In Jesus

Bishop Jackson Plant