The new paradigm shift of “pinky toe” ministry

Growing up I remember there was certain ways it worked in the church. God used certain people, ones that were clean and not in trouble. A formula that overlooked the less desired parts ie the pinky toes. Everyone was a arm or eye or ear, those were used in ministry because people believed they were saved and sanctified. Thru the years this worked and everything was good till it wasn’t. Started having cases where a eye ran off with an ear or a arm was caught in an affair. Then people started to get jaded in church. Till God changed things.

I’ve noticed a new trend in ministry where the pinky toes were starting to get noticed and used. The little toes look insignificant but with out them you would have a hard time walking. It allows balance in the body. Now how can these little appendages be used over an ear,let’s look. The pinky’s are the dregs the atheist the rappers and actors the porn stars who were filthy and mocked Christian values. I’ve seen porn stars saved and used to reach the industry. In the last year I’ve seen, Snoop Dog come out as a Christian, Kanye West, thru Kanye ,Brad Pitt came back to Jesus. More everyday being used for Jesus, reaching their area for Christ! In the past the church would have shied away from the Kanye’s or Snoops because they didn’t believe the conversion was real. But now God is opening the doors for them. I truly believe this is the next wave of Gods move, the using of the pinky toes of church, and I am excited about it! We need to pray that these new appendages are knit in the body and have good mentors and pastors who can teach them and encourage them.

You don’t know what you got till its gone.

One thing as a guitar player since I was 5, I have always been proud of is my ability to hear and enjoy hearing music and sounds around me.  I always had great hearing. I played guitar by ear and when I joined the Navy I leaned on my ears to do my job.  I was a Cryptologist which I listened via headphones all day and heard lots of static all day. When I retired from Navy,  I still had perfect hearing! God really blessed me with that! As a minister, I also needed both physical/natural hearing with my ears and spiritual hearing of my heart.  God had blessed me with being a hearer in the spirit more than a seer.  I never knew how much I relied on my hearing  with my ears until I woke up one morning and could not hear well in my right ear.

On September 1, 2017, I woke up noticing a strange feeling in my right ear-felt like cotton stuck in my ear and sounded around me sounded muffled.  During the first week, I treated this myself and used over the counter sinus medications.  No improvement and my right ear still felt plugged and congested.  Julie suggested I go walk-in-clinic at the VA and get it checked out. I did.  The nursing staff could not determine what happened… and did nothing.  No improvement noted. The following week, I went to my civilian primary care doctor and he gave me allergy meds and steroids. Still no improvement and  by now my right ear continued to feel plugged and additional decreased hearing noted with speech and sounds around me.

As I was talking to my wife, Julie, I had a great thought. Duh, my wife is a Audiologist!!! She agreed to test my hearing!  I agreed since she can confirm that  all is well. So yesterday I let her do a comprehensive hearing exam.  The look on her face showed the results were not good!  As a wife, she could not treat me,  So today, I had my hearing checked by my Audiologist. He tested me two months prior and knew my previous result was normal hearing in both ears.  What I had suffered the last month was confirmed-mild to severe loss of hearing in my right ear of unknown etiology and he also had no idea how and why.  I can still hear words but reduced hearing in the high frequency range.  I was told most likely it will not return. This is not what I wanted to hear. I don’t know what this will do to my playing guitar.   From my experience, please protect your hearing, I am glad I did. I want to give a special shout out to the Audiology Department my wife works at. I am very impressed with their professionalism and how they are.

The reason why I mentioned the hearing in the natural, this also applies to how we hear in the spirit.

I moved to Texas a year ago and I am concentrating on developing the ministry God gave me and as such I am not on staff anymore as a Pastor. I admit I started slacking on reading the bible and I noticed not long ago I started not hearing God as clear as when I was working as a Pastor. I had gotten used to just hearing Gods voice not having to really work to listen.  I started noticing it quieter or better yet what I was NOT hearing.  I have always said that the natural is the manifestation of the spiritual. Now I have to ask why, what is the reason, is there a reason? I think that God will get ahold of you and get your attention whatever it takes, and I am determined to make an effort to get closer and listen to get it back.

Make sure you appreciate your hearing both spiritual and natural, you don’t know what you got till its gone.



Bishop Jackson Plant

Plant Ministries


Another Year Another Grey Hair.

Growing up I had asumed I knew what life would be like when I turned 51 the second half of my life. Wow I never thought I would make it this long.  Satan had his chances long ago to remove me from this life.  From birth, I was born in March 9, 1964 at 10:02 am. Two months early, I always have been the type to run where angels fear to tread. I weighed a massive 3lbs 5oz. wow, the doctors gave me less than 50% chance of living, but God! When I was in the Navy, I injured my shoulder in bootcamp so after a year of pain the doctor wanted to look.  I had a simple scope procedure, it went great till it was time to start to wake me.  They pulled the breathing tube from my throat and I was supposed to breath, however, I was not awake so my brain and lungs said breath but my throat said no so we had problems.  I had a negitive pressure pulmanary edema wow what a mouthfull.  Well they had to put the tube back so they had to paralyse me.  Well that stopped everything, heart, lungs etc.  Out comes the paddles you know the one…clear…zap!!! Well I came back after being dead for 4 minutes.  One more time then I will move on, I was due to be ordained as a Bishop well the day came and I took my Mother with me to Pennsylvania.  It was a snowy day, I was started to get off at my exit when I saw in the distace a truck pulling off the road and I saw why.  It was a big dully bucket truck and he lost a wheel.  I am going 60 to try to get out of the way, like a torpedo at my miada!  It hit my front wheel and I went airborn 15 feet!  I landed hard but I down shifted and kept control of the car.  Pulled over and started shaking bad, looked at the car and did not look bad but later I learned how bad it was.  We drove home in the rain very slowly.  I put the car in the shop and they doubted me.  Three weeks later I get the car back with apologies. He asked me how high I went to do the damage he thought 15 feet.  God looked over me and my mother.  Satan did not want me to get my Ordination that night, but I did and God gets the glory.  

Now I have a great wife, job and dog lol.  I am doing well, God has blessed me with all this and a ministry that I am just starting to walk in after 25 years. I am truly excited for the next 51 years, hmm I guess that truly makes me middle age now :).  Blessings.

Bishop Jackson Plant

Kingdom Time Ministries


Big 50

Sitting here picking up a dinner order and I am having a hard time really get it to sink in. In two days I will pass a milestone, half a century. When I was born it was one month to the day the Beatles came to US. I have seen a lot, last of baby boomers. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. 4 months prior President JFK was killed, Vietnam was just starting and Cold War was going strong. I joined the Navy in 88 and saw the end of the Soviet Union the fall of the wall which I have a piece of by the way. This is a big one what will I see in the next 50 if The Lord does not call me before that? I can’t wait to find out. Live every day like it’s your last and be ready if that is the case. Till next time.



Thanksgiving for what?

What am I thankful for?
Hmm, I am married to a awesome beautiful woman of God, I have a great job and a awesome new house. I have my mother still and a great mother in law. I just adopted a new chihuahua name Huey. I am involved in a great ministry, yes God has blessed me. But beyond these I have the most important I have a relationship with my friend Jesus! This is the reason for the holiday to give thanks to God for just being God! When you sit down to the great turkey this year, think that most of the world can’t eat like this and remember its God that allowed this and give thanks.
God bless and happy thanksgiving!

In Jesus

Bishop Jackson Plant


What is the mark of the beast and is it here?

Mark of the beast will be the dividing line between Gods and the devils people!
Is the mark here and are we taking it now?

The church is taught about this it is one of the first things people hear. Here are some things it’s not,
1. Having a license number of 666.
2. Paying a bill of 6.66
3. Not getting a implant for services or tracking.

It is to be,

A willfully taken, clear headed decision taken where if you refuse it you will die!
Not a cheesy joke of a chip. The church is scarred there running around like chicken little convinced the sky is falling, obamacare is forcing us to take mark, children being forced to be tracked. Obviously not the mark! No where is it mentioned if you refuse you will be beheaded!
We must be ready for this technology will be used by the enemy soon but know the signs. Let’s be prepared so we’re not taken by surprise.
We are not of fear but God, so that none will perish!

Bishop J. Plant

How the mighty hath fallen!

‘Love Wins’ Author Rob Bell Supports Gay Marriage
Rob Bell, a former rock star pastor has embraced heretical teachings! It is sad really, first he wrote his tome: Love Wins:

Rob Bell uses the time-tested instrument of heretics, namely questions, especially questions laced with taunting irony. By means of such questions, Bell effectively leads down the path of error in such a way that he cannot easily be pinned down and accused of teaching contrary to the Bible. Bell also cunningly mocks Reformed (i.e., biblical) teaching, making it appear to be absurd.

For Bell, the Bible is a collection of stories that are important because they describe what is happening to us yet today

Bell badly misuses Scripture. Rather than drawing his teaching out of the whole of Scripture, he starts with a preconceived notion and finds a few lines from the Bible that ostensibly support it. He improperly places verses from two different contexts together. He selects obscure texts, which he uses to confuse the issue at hand, and ignores texts that are clear and pertinent – which contradict his teaching. He paraphrases, quotes out of context, and wrongly applies texts. For one example: in support of his view that the kingdom of God will be on the earth, Bell perverts the Lord’s prayer into a petition that “God’s kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Third, Rob Bell wants nothing of absolute truth. Churches that maintain certain truths and reject error have a form of Christianity that he mockingly labels “brickianity.” He rather describes proper theology in terms of a trampoline spring. Such “flexibility” in theology is beneficial to a heretic for he cannot be condemned for teaching contrary to “the truth.”

Fourth, Bell cleverly wraps his lies around a kernel of truth. With that small element of truth, heretics fool many who have a limited knowledge of the Bible. Besides, when heretics are challenged, they can always point to that kernel of truth and insist that they are maintaining the truth.

This is the methodology of heretics from Arius, to Pelagius, to Arminius. Peter informs us that these false teachers “privily bring in damnable heresies” (II Peter 2:1).
Eventually, all will be saved, though it may take some time in “the next” life. For God, according to Bell, will give people what they want. If they “want isolation, despair and the right to be [their] own god, God graciously grants… that option” (Love, 117). Yet, Bell assures us that part of the Christian tradition maintains that “the love of God will melt every hard heart, and even the most ‘depraved sinners’ will eventually give up their resistance and turn to God” (Love, 107). So, go ahead and believe that.

An End to Hell

Rob Bell rejects the biblical teaching on hell as a place, as an eternal destiny, and as a punishment from a righteous and holy God. Hell is a condition of life. There are “all kinds of hells” right now (Love, 79). “Poverty, injustice, suffering-they are all hells on earth” (Elvis, 148). In the next life, hell will be “the very real consequences we experience when we reject the good and true and beautiful life that God has for us” and “the evil… when we fail to live in God’s world God’s way” (Love, 93). But that is our choice, and Bell gives assurance that if we choose to live in God’s world in God’s way, we will leave hell behind, and enjoy life in heaven. Hell is not forever. It lasts as long as we choose it.

What if tomorrow someone digs up definitive proof that Jesus had a real, earthly, biological father…, and archeologists…find [his] tomb and do DNA samples and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the virgin birth was just a bit of mythologizing the Gospel writers threw in…?

Obviously, that is a denial of the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. If Jesus had an earthly father, He is not God. If He is not God, there is no salvation and no Christianity.

Al was right well sort of

In this day there is a problem,
Al Gore says the earth has a fever, he does not know how right he is. The Earth is sick, why? Because the church is sick! We have allowed an infection to go unchecked in the body! First a subtle cut, then it gets worse then we grow numb and feverish:

1. 1962- Supreme Court removes prayer from schools, this broke the skin.

2. 1969- Stonewall riots: series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations by members of the gay community, introduced a virulent strain of bacteria.

3: 1973: row vs wade, legalization of abortion, infection sets in.

4: 2000’s: Gay rights laws, legalized marriage, Gays allowed in military, Gays in boy scouts, Gay ministers and performing gay marriages in Gods house; Raging fever!

Now we are seeing the results of the years of sickness,

As the infection has gone unchecked as the US has slowly turned from God this great country who still is the last superpower but not much longer I am afraid.

As I stated the body has a fever, we have an infection that has been going since the mid century. The body of Christ has been weakened and the enemy thinks crippled but we know the truth that the battle is won!
Now for the good news, the cure is here! Jesus Christ is the cure his blood can heal and cure! The bible tells us if MY people called by MY name turn from their wicked ways I will hear and heal their land!
This is for the hurting also, if the adulterers and the homosexuals would realize we are not their enemies, Jesus loved them so much he died for them, I love them so much I would also, I just can not accept a lifestyle that God has called an abomination and I don’t want to see them go to hell and I will not call evil good! This is setting up for the anti christ to come on the scene, the enemy is running about roaring and making noise he thinks he is winning but he has lost and he is too proud to see it. Lets pray for God to visit this land that was set up and dedicated to him and bring a last days harvest in this land of plenty.
God bless
Bishop Jackson Plant

What the Bible says about marriage.

I was amazed at some comments about my church’s stance on biblical marriage well duh I am a Bishop in the Church of God and this is our stance because its the biblical stance. If you don’t agree that’s fine, but I’d ask if I’m a Christian. We don’t change our belief because of a poll or public opinion. Believe it or not part of me is for full equal rights for gays, there citizens and as such we’re all equal. However, marriage is a biblical institution not secular. I will not endorse gay marriage its not biblical marriage. Yesterday was a turning point in America, we were on the wrong side of history. Rome, Greece, Babylon all endorsed sin and now like us we are on the wrong side and judgement is coming, be prepared, either judgement or God will apologize to Sodom, God help us, and God save us. I do love the however, they think I don’t but I can disagree and care. I pray God touches and saves, freedom is available. Blessings.
Bishop Jackson Plant

Slippery slope

While pondering what I am speaking about on Fathers Day I started looking around at the world. The Church is content with allowing sin to be with them.
The Boy Scouts, an institution I respected and was part of made a deal with the devil they committed suicide to appease the pc police who decides who can exist or not depending if their inclusive. The Boy Scouts were supported by churches, the Eagle Scout held their ceremonies in the church. Now what will they do? Rely on the pc group to help, they won’t they only wanted to destroy them. Why? Because they were mom and pop Norman Rockwell AMERICA and if they can’t be accepted and have it then NO BODY will!
People we are sliding quickly down a slope, next will be adult leaders, the National Men and Boys love association has been wanting this for years. Put these sick predators with your boys told its ok to experiment then what? What happens when it’s what the leaders want? Who will stop it then? The scouts build leaders from within, the gay scouts grow up then how can you stop them from being masters? It’s a matter of time.
Jesus is the hope, he can take away that sick desire. I have many gay friends and none have this desire so it’s true not all do but when groups brag we need to be vigilant and not paint all with big brush strokes and love them not the sin.
We are on a slope that started in the 1950s with prayer in school, then taking God out of government, then accepting alternative lifestyle next put them in control of the children to replace God. America we need fathers! America we need Father God!
One day soon God will say its time and Death will die and sin will die, till then Maranatha come quickly God!

Bishop Jackson Plant