We can change our titles but won’t fix the problem. It does not matter the title we still have the scriptures that mention on being the husband of one wife to be an overseer. It has nothing to do with not getting a voice and keeping women down and being afraid of women as some have been screaming from the rooftops. It deals with who do we as a denomination follow. Do we follow the word of God as established for 5000 years or modern day theologians who bully with their education and try to rewrite the scriptures to spin what they feel is their enlightened view? And this all boils down to a group that want women to be leaders in church government to be equal with men, im sorry that goes against well established biblical doctrine, A position that is well established for over 2000 years and only recently been questioned. A position that God set up for HIS government, where man is the head and woman is helper. Where God is a MAN not a woman! And because popular culture says that’s wrong they say the church is wrong so it follows God is wrong and has to change! This has to stop, this takes up too much time during the GC and we can’t get to important decisions. The bitterness and rancor against those of us who sincerely disagree with this has to stop it gives open door to the devil to cause discord and hate. I can’t stand going to the GA anymore with the rude and outright disrespectful attitudes from brothers and sisters who you disagree with. Being mocked by pastors who don’t show Christian love. I’m sorry this went on so long but imo this has to be faced, NOW or it WILL destroy us.