As a Pastor of a church it is increasingly difficult to bring income into the storehouse.  Between theologians who can convince sheep that the tithe is unGodly and the changes in the tax laws, it is a challenge. I’m going to punt on the first problem I mentioned for another time. Today it’s the raising of deductions for itemized returns. The new law increases the standard deduction to $12,000 for singles and $24,000 for couples. When I was younger and single and in military I had no problem giving 18 to 20k in tithes and offerings. Now that I’m married and semiretired, on what combination we make it would be very difficult to donate $24,000 and itemize. While we shouldn’t tithe as a tax write off the facts are many people do.

With the new levels introduced, we need to get more creative in getting the flock engaged in excited in giving to God. We have to stop the scare tactics that has been used too much! We are in the church age not Old Testament. We no longer under a curse, instead we are under a promise. One that states, test me and see. We are not limited to 10% anymore. If that is what you feel then do it,however if God prompts you to give 20% then do it. Once I realized that God wants to partner with his children and not threaten them, I truly wanted to do my part as a member in the kingdom of God.

This can be an opportunity to have giving grow as never before. Please let me know what you think? Blessings.

Bishop Jackson Plant

Plant Ministries