In my almost 55 years, I have seen amazing growth in the mighty USA. One of the first things I remember was several space launches from Cape Kennedy, and went to the moon many times. Open heart surgery and artificial hearts were developed. We stopped the immoral separate and equal racism laws in the south.

However, I have noticed the loss of the soul of this country! in 1962 Engel v. Vitale case took prayer out of the public square. This was the beginning of the decline of the US.

The fight is for a so-called “right”, abortion! In 1973 Row vs Wade stated that “At the point of viability, which the Court believed to be in the third trimester, the state’s interest in “potential life” would become compelling, and the state could regulate abortion to protect “potential life.” At that point, the state could even forbid abortion so long as it made an exception to preserve the life or health of the mother.

Since this, over 61 million abortions have happened in the US since 1973. imagine that, we fought the greatest war in history because of the loss of 11 million Jews.

Imagine over 72,000 children a year in US alone. Up until this year this was limited to third trimester. Now, in New York the unthinkable has happened. Fully born children can be murdered. It has been taken to extreme, and what did the Gov and legislature do after passing this heinous law? They celebrated! Where is the soul of this country?

Where is the soul of the Democratic party now? The DNC convention in 2016 deliberately left God off and abortion was on. They finally put God back on but a major plank is abortion. Democrats who claim Christ you can’t continue to lie. We are to be “little Christs” and I will 1000% guarantee that Jesus would NEVER endorse murdering children. He expressly condemns hurting a child!

Not saying Republicans are perfect, however, we support life and right to life. The bible tells us things will get worse, a civil war is coming if something does not change. The civil war was fought in part the freeing of the black people from slavery. I see the left that is against life, the constitution and liberty and the right who fight for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Pray for God to send a fresh wind so the well-meaning democrats that really feel this is a right for women, will clear the scales from their eyes and hearts.

I am sick of seeing that we should not talk about this because someone may be upset by having done an abortion and then possibly hurt themselves. Well they had issues before that and spreading Gods word should never be contained. Its LOVE telling people not hate! I am 100% against the protesters who resort to violence, God is clear about vengeance is HIS! And we as a country have a lot to answer for.

So pray for this country for revival and forgiveness. Blessings

Bishop Jackson Plant

Plant Ministries

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