A funny thing happened while studying the Bible the other day. I as reading about the falling if the towers mentioned in Isaiah, then I was reading the book the Harbinger. I started seeing the comments our leaders said after 911, comments full of rebellion and defiance. Normally this would be a good thing for a country at war. However, this country is not like other countries ever. This shows a deep fault and weakness in the bedrock the USA was founded on.

When the USA was still a colony of Great Britain, it decided that it no longer needed to follow its King. Defiantly decided to rebel and disobey the leaders. We need to see what they believed they owed the crown.

The belief going back to early Middle Ages was the King was absolute in authority and should be obeyed without question. Because they believed that God placed them in position and they answered to God not us. In the middle of the 16th century that begins to change in the colonies, the king needed money so he taxed the colonies and the colonist who were citizens felt this was unfair and petitioned for a hearing and were refused. So many of the leaders decided that we should break free. The problem is this goes against what the Bible directs us to do.

The leaders of the revolution were majority pastors and knew what the biblical teachings were. The biblical teaches that rebellion is witchcraft. Why would ministers rebel and fight a revolutionary war, and then dedicated the new country to God? Unless they were tricked by satan to set up his plan while believing they were doing something else. So it appears that this grand experiment dedicated to freedom and liberty, consecrated to God was really born in witchcraft and rebellion against God. This explains why we are so independent as a nation, why we refuse to follow other countries telling us what to do. Why we were able to split and fight a civil war against an evil of slavery, and now a large percentage has no problems with abortion. There is a problem with the foundation of the country instead of being created by God instead it was formed by witchcraft! We must repent of this national sin and decide to consecrate our country back to God before the judgement that is to come. Truly a nation divided can not long endure.

I realize this is hard to take in, and it is in no way fact. This is a hypothesis after reading the foundation of our country. Please leave comments discussing what you think.

God bless you all.

Bishop Jackson Plant