Tonight something happened that people hoped would not happen again. One country,Russia decided it would attack another country, Ukraine. There was no hostility against Russia, Putin the megalomaniac decided to destroy another country just because.

Putin has started to lose it for a while now. He stated the fall of Soviet Union was worst event of last century. Worse than WW1,2 Korea, that is what he believes. He used the same excuse to invade that Hitler used. Wow. He thinks all of the former vassal states of Soviet time should all be in Russia.

This is so dangerous in they have friends of China and Iran. If we were to try to intervene I’m sure China will attack Taiwan because we are so weak as a country. And Putin knows it. So we need to pray for the people in Ukraine being invaded and fighting for their country. We need to open up the oil fields and pipeline and shut Russia out.

God bless and I pray for peace and Maranta.

Bishop Jackson Plant

Plant Ministries