People keep saying that it is wrong to revisit Rowe vs Wade, well that is not true and country has done it before, correcting terrible wrongs.

Rowe is not settled law and there is not settled law. Rowe is a terrible ruling from the court. For one there is NO guarantee to abortion anywhere! Next, the 14th amendment is not the catch all amendment that is the 10th. Let look into two other bad rulings that were TERRIBLE!

I. The Dred Scott decision said that Constitutional laws were not for Blacks and saying slavery was legal. This led to the Civil War. This was overturned with the 13 and 14 amendment

2. Plessy vs Board of Education stated that separate but equal was legal stating that racial segregation was allowed. This was finally overturned with Brown vs Topeka that ruled segregation was illegal.

Imagine if the court had simply washed their hands and said this is settled rights or lack of, and we cant repair this injustice? This is the same, this decision takes away a fake right but it restores the right to life and liberty to millions of children deprived of life due to this terrible, WRONG ruling of Rowe.

Hopefully this is final and not stopped by the bullying of the pro abortion groups.

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