I was amazed at some comments about my church’s stance on biblical marriage well duh I am a Bishop in the Church of God and this is our stance because its the biblical stance. If you don’t agree that’s fine, but I’d ask if I’m a Christian. We don’t change our belief because of a poll or public opinion. Believe it or not part of me is for full equal rights for gays, there citizens and as such we’re all equal. However, marriage is a biblical institution not secular. I will not endorse gay marriage its not biblical marriage. Yesterday was a turning point in America, we were on the wrong side of history. Rome, Greece, Babylon all endorsed sin and now like us we are on the wrong side and judgement is coming, be prepared, either judgement or God will apologize to Sodom, God help us, and God save us. I do love the however, they think I don’t but I can disagree and care. I pray God touches and saves, freedom is available. Blessings.
Bishop Jackson Plant

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