In this day there is a problem,
Al Gore says the earth has a fever, he does not know how right he is. The Earth is sick, why? Because the church is sick! We have allowed an infection to go unchecked in the body! First a subtle cut, then it gets worse then we grow numb and feverish:

1. 1962- Supreme Court removes prayer from schools, this broke the skin.

2. 1969- Stonewall riots: series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations by members of the gay community, introduced a virulent strain of bacteria.

3: 1973: row vs wade, legalization of abortion, infection sets in.

4: 2000’s: Gay rights laws, legalized marriage, Gays allowed in military, Gays in boy scouts, Gay ministers and performing gay marriages in Gods house; Raging fever!

Now we are seeing the results of the years of sickness,

As the infection has gone unchecked as the US has slowly turned from God this great country who still is the last superpower but not much longer I am afraid.

As I stated the body has a fever, we have an infection that has been going since the mid century. The body of Christ has been weakened and the enemy thinks crippled but we know the truth that the battle is won!
Now for the good news, the cure is here! Jesus Christ is the cure his blood can heal and cure! The bible tells us if MY people called by MY name turn from their wicked ways I will hear and heal their land!
This is for the hurting also, if the adulterers and the homosexuals would realize we are not their enemies, Jesus loved them so much he died for them, I love them so much I would also, I just can not accept a lifestyle that God has called an abomination and I don’t want to see them go to hell and I will not call evil good! This is setting up for the anti christ to come on the scene, the enemy is running about roaring and making noise he thinks he is winning but he has lost and he is too proud to see it. Lets pray for God to visit this land that was set up and dedicated to him and bring a last days harvest in this land of plenty.
God bless
Bishop Jackson Plant